Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Manuscript Collections on Flickr

Images from three manuscript collections have been uploaded to the library's flickr account.

You can browse scanned images featuring American suffragettes, the Leila B. Tuttle Collection of Chinese Artifacts, and the photographs of Robert Neal Adams, whose subjects include Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt and Winston Churchill.


vldaley said...

I applaud your use of flickr to host digitized materials! I think this is an extremely handy way to give the public access to your materials. I would encourage you to really embrace this venue and consider providing a citation for each item (or at least what collection it comes from), as well as a statement about reproduction rights. Also, this stuff seems buried in the collection titled "Exhibits." Consider a new name (Archival collections?) and maybe even geting a flickr account just for SCUA. Go for it!!!!

Michelle said...

We're working on it.